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At Loyal Home Services, we understand how important it is to have a functional AC unit. The Texas heat can be unbearable, and a broken air conditioner can make your home or office feel like a sauna. That’s why our team of experienced HVAC technicians offers fast and reliable AC repair Leon Valley, TX.

When your AC unit breaks down, you need someone who can come to your rescue quickly. Our team will arrive at your doorstep as soon as possible to assess the situation and get your AC unit up and running again. Contact our team today!

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Common AC Repair Problems to Look Out For

Your air conditioning system is a complex machine, and there are a lot of different things that can go wrong. When something goes wrong, it’s important to get professional help right away. Here are some of the most common AC repair problems that our team can help you with:

1) Refrigerant Leaks

If your air conditioner is leaking refrigerant, it means that there is a problem with your system’s seals or coils. Keep in mind that refrigerant is a toxic substance, so it’s important to get this problem fixed as soon as possible. Only a trained professional should handle this repair.

2) Poor Cooling

Whenever your air conditioner is turned on, it should blow out cool air. If you notice that your AC unit is blowing out warm air or not blowing out any air at all, there could be a problem with your system’s compressor. When this happens, it’s important to have someone take a look at your system as soon as possible.

3) Uneven Cooling

If some rooms in your home or office are cooler than others, there could be a problem with your ductwork. There could be a leak in your ducts, which is causing some of the cooled air to escape before it reaches its destination. Be sure to ask a professional to take a look at your ductwork if you notice this problem.

4) Frequent Cycles

Short cycles often happen when your air conditioner’s thermostat is not working properly. This can also occur when you have an improperly sized air conditioner. If your AC unit is cycling on and off more frequently than normal, it’s essential to let a professional take a look to identify what causes the problem.

5) Strange Noises

A properly working air conditioner should operate quietly. If you notice any strange noises coming from your unit, there could be a problem with the fan or motor. In some cases, these problems can be fixed with a simple repair. However, in other cases, you may need to replace your AC unit entirely.

These are just some of the common AC repair problems that our team can help you with. If you’re experiencing any of these issues, or if you have any other concerns about your AC unit, be sure to contact our team today!

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